About NDPS

Who we are
North Dallas Plant Sales is committed to providing premium quality plants and meeting our customer's demands. We intend to make life easier for our customers by providing unsurpassed quality, service, and delivery options. We've been around a long time and are here to serve you!
What we do
We are a wholesale nursery located in Dallas, Texas. Our plant offerings include perennials, ground cover, Texas natives, topiaries, shrubs, ornamental grasses, and A LOT of trees. For over 20 years we have provided high quality planting materials to the DFW area.
How we work
North Dallas Plant Sales would like to help grow your business. You are on the front lines, hearing what the customer is looking for, seeing the trends, and trying to find sources. We will work with you. Lets us know if there is a plant you are looking for or one you think should be grown.

Our Products

Annual Fall Flowers
Annual fall flowers add a pop of color to a landscaped area, containers or raised flower beds. For the best selection in Dallas, see our extensive inventory of common and exotic flowering plants.
Annual Spring Flowers
Some of the most brilliant and vibrant colors in flowers and foliage are found in the annual spring flowers. For all your landscaping needs see us at NDPS.
Ground Covers
Whether you need ground covers for shaded areas or full sun, North Dallas Plant Sales can help you to find the perfect match for any growing conditions.
For all of your hardware and improvement requirements, North Dallas Plant Sales offers a comprehensive selection of products from fertilizers to landscaping fabric.
Having the right equipment and supplies is at the heart of all landscaping companies. North Dallas Plant Sales has just the item you need.
For low maintenance landscaping plants, perennials have been a favorite of Texas landscapers. We have a top selection of native and non-native plants that will add to the beauty of any property.
Perfect for hedges, focal pieces or as a background for landscaped areas, the right shrub can add color, shape and design to any area all year round.
Top Selling Plants for Fall
North Dallas Plant Sales offers a full line of traditional fall plants and some of the latest new trends in plants for the autumn season.
Top Selling Plants for Spring
For the latest in trendy new plants or old favorites, North Dallas Plant Sales offers the best selection in top sellers for spring planting.
As a focal point in a garden a yard or as a beautiful addition to potted plants at an entrance or an outdoor patio space, our topiaries add style and elegance.
Specializing in shade trees, fruit trees and flowering trees, North Dallas Plant Sales provides a top inventory of traditional favorites and new species.
Vines are a wonderful option to any landscaped area to provide a background, to cover up an area or to add more vertical color with bright flowers and beautiful foliage

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North Dallas Plant Sales

10900 Petal St,
Dallas, TX 75238

Our Hours
7:30–5:00 M-F & 7:30-12:00 on Sat

+1 214-343-9083

Our Blog

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